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Cottage Insurance

Your Cottage, your home away from home

  • Cottage owners find much needed solace in sitting on the decks of our cottages.
  • But what if our cottage has inadequate insurance coverage or worse, none at all?
  • The hidden cost of that inadequacy can be immense.
  • The most common risks in cottages to consider are windstorms, plumbing failure, fire, vandalism/theft, damage by animals, or building collapse by snow load.
  • Whether it’s a year-round cottage or a seasonal one, cottage insurance programs vary widely from one cottage to the next.
  • Hancock Insurance can assist you by providing the necessary protection in the event of a loss.

Property FAQs

Why should I insure my cottage and primary residence together?

Insuring both will lower your liability premium on each property and maybe even get you a multi-policy discount.

Why is it often challenging to get insurance for cottages?

Cottages are more prone to theft and vandalism because they are often unoccupied. As well, they are often far from fire halls and will sustain more damage.


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