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Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Your Vehicles, your Income

  • Whether it is owned vehicles, non-owned, hired vehicles, subcontracted vehicles, or passenger vehicles, these trucks can all sustain damage.
  • Trucks may not experience many incidences but when they do, they can be destructive and expensive. Due to the size and type of trucks, areas being driven to, and mandatory third-party liability, insurance for long haul transportation can be complex.
  • We understand and will arrange the necessary border filings.
  • Long haul insurance rates based on mileage are available.


Let our experienced trucking specialists at Hancock Insurance help design what best fits your trucking business.


When is pollution liability insurance required?

Anytime there is risk of property damage claims and cleanup costs.

Truck Liability

Zones, destinations, physical damage from loss of control, personal injury, third-party injury, and goods being hauled, all affect what type of liability insurance is needed for owner operators or fleets.

Comprehensive General Liability

This is a broad range of coverage that includes injury protection, property damage protection, and a breach of contract to name a few. Coverage that is more detailed may include pollution, environmental, and professional. Review your business with a Hancock Insurance broker to ensure all areas of your business have proper coverage.

Pollution Liability

This insurance will protect companies from the liability and financial loss resulting in a pollution incident. Incidents would include accidental contamination from disposals, leaks, and spills of fuel oil, chemicals, toxic gases, or other pollutants. Companies that could benefit from pollution insurance would be contractors involved in: commercial, residential, municipal, infrastructure, mechanical, maintenance, demolition, industrial, excavation, grading, paving, pipeline installation, and drillers.

Talk to our experienced Hancock Insurance brokers to see that your entire project is adequately covered for everyone’s safety.

Motor Truck Cargo

The transporter of the freight takes on the responsibility for cargo. And in case of damage or loss, proper insurance protects the transporter. Coverage also extends to cargo while in the terminal or warehouse. The constant evaluation of freight is necessary for constant adequate coverage. Let Hancock Insurance Brokers Ltd. help you tailor a plan to ensure the right coverage to meet all your trucking demands.


Through Hancock Insurance Brokers Ltd., custom bonds, performance bonds, and other bonds are readily available.

We can also determine whether to supply additional:
• commercial general liability
• property coverage
• pollution liability
• hazardous materials insurance