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Property Insurance

Your Home, your most valuable asset

  • Whether it’s a house, cottage, condo, or rental unit, your home is one of your biggest investments, and Hancock Insurance Brokers Ltd. can help to ensure its proper coverage so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • If you are interested in receiving a quote for home, tenant, condominium, or home-based business insurance, fill out the form below or contact one of our brokers at: 519-743-1401


Property FAQs

If you need more information, e-mail us your questions at info@hancockinsurance.ca.

1. What are “special limits” in my policy?

Property policies limit the amounts paid out for items such as jewelry, cash, silverware, furs, sports equipment, etc. Check your policy or contact your broker for your limits.

2. Does my child who attends school away from home have coverage?

Most insurance policies provide limited contents coverage for students who are living away from home. Check your policy or contact your broker for your policy details.

3. Why is there a deductible?

A deductible is the agreed upon amount you pay towards the cost of each claim. Your insurance policy is meant to cover financial losses you are unable to afford, and a deductible prevents the insurer’s costs in settling small claims. Deductibles also reduce your premium costs.

4. What coverage do I need for my Condo? Don’t my monthly condo fees cover my insurance?

Condominium corporations usually insure the “standard unit” as defined in their contract without upgrades or improvements. Any upgrades, improvements, or contents of the unit are your responsibility to insure. Refer to your policy as to how your condominium corporation handles insurance.

5. Why do I need tenant’s insurance?

Ask yourself if you can afford to replace your contents should they be damaged or destroyed. As well, liability insurance coverage, which is purchased in connection with contents insurance, covers any damage you cause to the unit you rent or other units in the building by water, fire, etc.


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